• 木托盘发霉怎么办?
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       其实要预防木托盘发霉并不难,我们先要了解 它的生长条件,才能对症下药哦!霉菌的生长因素主要由木材的含水率、空气温度以及湿度制约。当木材的含水率大于20%时霉菌就可缓慢的生长了,而当木材湿度大于35%,且再适宜的环境下就会疯狂的生长。霉菌生长的温度是有一个范围的,比较适合真菌生长的温度是24-30摄氏度,当温度小于10摄氏度或是大于40摄氏度时,霉菌的生长速度就会受到限制,比较缓慢。低温能一直霉菌的生长速度但是不能杀死霉菌,高温则可杀死霉菌断其根源。

In fact, it is not difficult to prevent the wooden pallets from mildewing. First of all, we must understand the growth conditions of the pallets, so as to prescribe medicine for the symptoms. The growth factors of mold are mainly controlled by wood moisture content, air temperature and humidity. When the moisture content of wood is more than 20%, the mold will grow slowly, and when the moisture content of wood is more than 35%, and the suitable environment will be crazy growth. There is a range of temperatures for mold growth, the most suitable temperature for the growth of fungi is 24-30 degrees Celsius, when the temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius or greater than 40 degrees Celsius, mold growth rate will be limited, relatively slow. Low temperature can keep the growth rate of mold, but can not kill mold, high temperature can kill mold and break its root.



Summary of reasons for moldy wood pallets:


1. After disinfection, the water is not dried.


2, store the tray's place wet;


3, the trays are covered with tarpaulin and are not ventilated.


4, the use of tray wet environment, such as the environment at sea is most likely to lead to moldy wooden pallets.


Especially in spring when it is wet, wooden pallets are easy to get moldy and mildew spots, which directly affects the beauty of wooden pallets. When we prevent mildew on wooden trays, we can control the mildew rate by restricting the growth environment of mold. As long as control of wood moisture content, air temperature, humidity is not in the scope of mold growth.