• 木托盘原材料选择有什么讲究
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Wood is the earliest natural material used by human beings. It is also the only renewable and naturally degradable biological resource among the four major materials (steel, cement, wood and plastics) in the world. It has small volume, high strength, anti-vibration, low acoustic and thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, impact resistance, durability, elasticity and toughness, and wood. Beautiful color and texture, healthy and environmentally friendly, easy-to-process characteristics, making it the most ideal indoor and outdoor building materials and decorative materials; in addition, due to the regeneration of wood, wood is also an environmental-friendly building materials. Under the circumstance of global forest resources being exhausted day by day, as a renewable resource, the rational use of wood must first conform to the sustainable development of forest, in order to maintain the global natural ecological balance, and prolong the life span of wood, saving forest resources has always been the pursuit of modern wood and construction industry.


相对于一般材质制作而成的木托盘,实木木托盘 因采用实木精制而成,因而质量更加的坚固,具有更加强大的承重能力。一般用于制作实木木托盘 的木材主要有松木和杨木以及硬杂木等木材,这些木材的材质都比较坚固,且不会容易变形,使用这些木材制成的托盘主要有松木托盘和杨木托盘以及硬杂木托盘。这些实木木托盘 因其制作材料的材质本身就很坚固,因而在被制作成木板进行托盘的拼接时,会使得拼接出的整个木板保持非常厚实的特质,能够进行更大重量的载货作业。

Compared with wood pallets made of ordinary materials, solid wood pallets are made of refined solid wood, so the quality is stronger and the bearing capacity is stronger. The wood used to make solid wood pallets is mainly pine and poplar and hard and miscellaneous wood. These wood materials are relatively strong and not easily deformed. The pallets made of these wood are mainly pine pallets and poplar pallets and hard and miscellaneous wood pallets. These solid wooden pallets are made of solid materials, so when they are made into planks for pallet splicing, the whole plank will remain very thick and can carry out a larger load operation.


Solid wood pallets are generally constructed in two ways, one is to make the wood into strips, and then customize it on the base according to the order, and the other is to directly use the facade of the cut-out size of the board for use, both of which have their own characteristics. This solid wooden pallet is popular in the transportation industry because it is made of very strong materials, can carry more goods, and this kind of pallet is durable, so it can save a lot of time when used to carry goods more conveniently.