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Wooden pallets are pallets made of natural wood. It's the most widely used pallet now. Pallets are horizontal platforms for loading, stacking, handling and transporting goods and products as unit loads. Generally made of wood, metal and fiberboard, it is easy to load and unload unit materials and small quantities of materials. The main types of pallets are wooden, plastic, metal and other materials. Wood is the most widely used nowadays because its price is cheap and strong.



1, cold storage. Cold storage conditions: the temperature is 0-1 degrees, the relative humidity is 85-90%, and the ventilation in the library is outstanding. Before plum storage, formaldehyde was used for air disinfection or sec-butylamine fumigant was used for fumigation. In order to prevent water vapor from agglomerating on the fruit surface after storage and causing pathogenic bacteria infection, the storage temperature should be gradually raised in the later storage period.


2, plastic bag packaging low-temperature gas storage. Fruit is packed with 0.025 mm thick polyethylene film, about 5 kg in each bag. After packing, the bag mouth is tightened and stored at 0-1 ~C. It can be stored for 10 weeks under conditions of 1%-3% and CO2 concentration of 5%.


3, ice storage. The bottom of the cellar is paved with crushed ice blocks, and then the pre-cooled fruit baskets (boxes) are stacked on the ice. The crushed ice is filled between the layers. The crushed ice is also used between the stacks. After stacking, the fruit stacks are covered with crushed ice, and then covered with plastic film. Then the heat insulation materials such as sawwood 70-100 cm thick are stacked on the film. This method must pay attention to closing the cellar door, the temperature of the cellar should be controlled at 0 - 1 C, and the door should be closed promptly when entering or leaving the cellar. Plums stored in mid-late August can be stored until the beginning of winter, and can be transferred to general cellars for continuous storage until the New Year's shopping mall.